Coffee & Sports Lifestyle

Coffee is more than just a drink. When the beans are roasted to perfection and brewed at the perfect temperature, coffee can be an experience. At Burst Beans Coffee, our goal is to show our customers that coffee and lifestyle go together hand in hand, regardless of what your lifestyle entails. For the athletes working with Wasserman, sports are a huge part of their life, which is why Burst Beans Coffee is proud to partner with Wasserman to show you that even athletes need a little mindfulness with their morning cup of joe. Continue reading to learn more about our partnership, and order your coffee from Burst Beans Coffee today!

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Wasserman 2022 Training Camp Sponsorship

Wasserman is an integrated sports, media, entertainment, and management company that represents some of the best athletes in professional football, basketball, and baseball, including names such as Juju Smith-Schuster, Cameron Jordan, Najee Harris, and Maxx Crosby. With more than 70 years of representing football’s most influential players, Wasserman is known for being one of the most powerful firms in sports.

Wasserman is committed to helping their athletes understand that mental health is important not only in life, but also in sports. For this reason, we are extremely proud of our partnership with Wasserman NFL and for the opportunity to promote the Burst Beans Coffee brand as part of the 2022 training camp care package. 

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How Coffee Can Help Prepare the Mind

One of the most important connections between mental health and coffee is how coffee can help you prepare your mind. Think about it — you’ve likely had those mornings where you sat down and slowly enjoyed your cup of coffee while mentally preparing for the day. The same goes for sports. In order to play at peak performance, athletes need to be in the right headspace, and Burst Beans Coffee is a great way to help athletes take a mental break and fuel their mind before a big game or workout.

Improving Mental Wellbeing With Coffee

Good mental health is important for everyone, including our favorite athletes.  At Burst Beans Coffee, our goal is to not only provide high-quality, specialty grade coffee, but also provide coffee drinkers with devotions and daily affirmations that can help improve their mental health. Whether you’re getting ready for a day of errands, a big presentation at work, or even a professional football game, taking the time to check in mentally while sipping on our intentional coffee beans can be a fantastic way to start the day.

Order Your Coffee Beans Now!

Burst Beans Coffee is proud to be the Official Coffee Sponsor of the 2022 Wasserman Football training camp. While it may not seem like it when they’re on the field, even athletes need to take a mental break and be more mindful, and we at Burst Beans Coffee are proud to be a part of it. Explore our website to learn more about our coffee and order our mindful coffee subscription today!