Coffee and Consciousness: Burst Beans Coffee Gives You an Awakening of Your Subconsciousness

We get it — some mornings it’s difficult to stick to that mindful morning routine. That’s why we created our specialty coffee blends that can not only wake up your body, but also awaken your inner self. Here’s how Burst Beans Coffee can help you start your day mindful.

photo of woman happily sipping a cup of coffee

Slow Your Mornings Down

With all the things on your to-do list, you may wake up feeling like you’re already behind. Rushing won’t help, but slowing down gives your mind time to ponder and plan while you consciously enjoy your cup of coffee. With Burst Beans’ intentional coffee beans, pick what aspect of your inner self you want to bring forward: Strength Blend (to courageously face challenges), Resilience Blend (to never give up), or Endurance Blend (to push through limits).

Reclaim Your Morning

Whatever your responsibilities, you still need YOU time, especially in the morning. As we at Burst Beans Coffee strongly believe, “How you start your day is how you live your day and how you live your day is how you live your life.” Make the morning yours by tuning out the outside world and tuning in to what’s inside yourself. Before you can give others what they need, you need to tend to what your inner self needs.

photo of woman smiling while sipping her morning coffee

Take Time For Yourself

Mornings aren’t the only time you should be mindful. You should be doing check-ins throughout the day to be sure you haven’t unconsciously drifted away from your intention. Going for that afternoon pick-me-up cup is the perfect time to take a moment for yourself. Get support where you feel it lacking with our Confidence Blend, Vitality Blend, or Balance Blend.

photo of woman curled up on a chair drinking her coffee

Re-center Yourself And Set Your Intentions

All of our specialty coffees come with affirmations right on the bag. From the moment you reach for the coffee, you’re reminded who you are (powerful!), what fills you (possibility!), and what you are capable of overcoming (anything!). Use the soothing aroma of our coffee to help bring you back to the present.

Whether you make your coffee black or as elegant espresso drinks, Burst Beans’ intentional coffee beans awaken what’s most important: the unique spirit inside you. So take a mindful moment this morning and see how much brighter your whole day will be!